In the first quarter of 2016, we changed our name from Ellis Financial Group to Wasatch Wealth!

Going from Ellis Financial Group to Wasatch Wealth is only a name change affecting our branding. We are NOT leaving our Broker-Dealer Raymond James. No new paperwork for our clients. We will stay at the same location and you will continue to work with our same professional team.

Our Remodel

Although our address is the same, our space is definitely changing! We are giving it a major face lift. As you know, we previously shared our space with two attorneys. We bought their space and they moved to a new location. By doing this it gave us the opportunity to make the space our own and gave us more room to grow. This remodel has given us the chance to upgrade our office and use our space more efficiently. The changes we have made to our office have created a larger area for future staff to join our team.

Go onto Facebook and like our page. Check out the remodeling pictures we have uploaded.

New Website

Along with changing our business name we have launched this new website to help you navigate through our expanding services and introduce you to our professional team.

Why the name change?

When meeting with our clients we frequently ask them where they want to be in three to five years etc. As we took our own advice and looked five years down the road, we saw the need to hire more advisors into the firm to service you and our future clients as roles change within our office.

One of the many services we offer business owners is to help them reduce the dependency of the business on them. The more the business is dependent upon the owner the more vulnerable it is to fail should something happen to that owner. Financial advisors are no exception to this rule. Changing our name is one of many things we are doing within our firm to set it up to be less dependent upon the advisors who service you. Ultimately, we want it set up in a way that if something were to happen to one of us, the services you receive would continue on seamlessly. We believe this is in the best interest of our business and you, our clients.