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    Are you financially and mentally
    ready to leave your business?
    Our six step process will help you get ready
    for that long awaited day when you transition
    your company.
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    Wealth Management Formula
    Does your advisor have a formula
    for wealth management and advanced planning?
  • Hear from our experts
    Hear from our Experts
    at Raymond James
    Read what Raymond James experts think
    regarding the economy and markets.
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    Did you notice we changed our business name?
    We are constantly evolving and growing. Read about
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Our Story

Wasatch Wealth is a business consultant and wealth management firm just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Over the years we have watched our clients struggle through the complexity of transferring their business and/or retiring. They didn't even know where to start. Their financial house was disorganized and they were blindsided by things they didn't know they should have known.

We desperately wanted to help them avoid devastating mistakes they were making, which in some cases lowered their business value.

While searching for solutions, we discovered a few key strategies. The problem was how to organize all of it in a way that would work for our clients.

We became connected to organizations and professionals that had the expertise to help them. After a year of training, certifications, development and buildout we have successfully created a process that works to provide solutions.

We help our clients:

  • Discover the transfer process that is designed for their situation
  • Mentally prepare to transition
  • Create a Transferable BusinessTM
  • Put their financial house in order

Lastly, we take our clients through our Advanced Planning process. This involves our Professional Network team brainstorming solutions for them that cover Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Giving.

Creating a Transferable BusinessTM

Transfer your business on your terms. Learn more about our consulting transfer process, which is designed to identify the right transfer process and get you financially and mentally ready, while maximizing the value of your business.

Our Wealth Formula

Does your advisor have a Wealth Formula to help you accomplish your goals and dreams? Would you like to have our Professional Network brainstorm ideas for your situation?

Markets and Economy

Read what some of our experts at Raymond James are thinking and what they see with regards to the markets and economy.

Receive a Second Opinion

Let us take you through our second opinion service for either your business or yourself. There are many benefits you will receive as we look at your current business transfer plan and your personal financial picture to help you discover if your financial house is in order.

Business Transfer Review

Business Owner Transfer Review

We will review your current business owner exit plan to discover any gaps. Here are some things to consider: Do you have the right exit plan? Is your financial house in order? Is your management team properly structured? Does your current plan yield the highest value, at the same time paying the lowest tax?

Your involvment in your company is a major area that needs to be measured and reviewed. We believe the more dependent your business is on you, the less value you will get out of the business. We will review your Owner Dependence IndexTM and help you make any necessary changes.

Owner Dependence Index

Start today by taking the Business Exit Readiness IndexTM report. This complimentary report will tell you how financially and mentally ready you are to transition your business.

Start your FREE BERITM Report

Wealth Management Review

Wealth Management Services

We will take you through our discovery process to find any gaps that may exist in your current plan, set up goal monitoring for you and have all your accounts aggregated into one secure place. These steps will allow you as the client, and us as your advisors, to be proactive with your current financial situation especially with potential volatility in the markets.

We will then present your situation to our Professional Network team of professionals that will brainstorm ideas for advanced planning covering four major areas of your life: Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Giving.

Our Wealth Management Process
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Request a Second Opinion

With our second opinion review, one of three outcomes will occur.

  • We will discover that your current situation is sufficient and there are no immediate changes needed.
  • We will discover that our services are not a fit for you, and we will refer you to someone who can better fit your needs.
  • We will discover that we can help provide a major improvement over the services you are currently receiving.

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Get a Second Opinion

Find out today if your Business Transfer or Wealth Management Plan is on track. Have our Professional Network team brainstorm ideas for you to make sure all areas of your business and financial life are being taken care of properly.