At Wasatch Wealth, we’ve seen a lot of different markets come and go. We can certainly empathize with people who find the recent market environment troublesome and disturbing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your current financial advisor, the level of service you’ve been receiving, and the investment plan they’ve had you following the last couple of years?

If the answer to that question is anything less than a 9 or 10, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary "Second Opinion Service."

We often seek second opinions for serious medical procedures or other matters that involve significant dollars. So why not utilize a true professional to provide a second opinion on your financial future that may well last 30 years once in retirement. With markets like these … getting a second opinion today is just plain common sense.

Complete the form to the right, call or e-mail our office today to request an appointment for your complimentary second opinion. One of two things will result. You'll either get affirmation that you are doing all the right things, or you'll discover that there are things you could do better. Either way, we believe the time you invest will be of value.

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